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We deliver on our promises.

One reason that Millard, Inc. has so many good, long-term relationships with clients is that we are sincerely interested in helping make your facility work better for you. When we take on a project, one of our first goals is to form a partnership between your team and ours. Our experience tells us that a strong relationship and clear communications between all team members is the cornerstone to success.

Everyone at Millard, Inc. Architects & Engineers strives to provide the client with a satisfactory design and building experience. We begin the design process by learning from you, the client, exactly what you need. Our Design Team then works to produce the most functional and aesthetically pleasing solution to your needs. Additionally, we realize that building designs that exceed the financial resources of the client are not feasible. We look for options you may not have imagined, and creative avenues to make your future project easier and more cost-effective.

Millard, Inc. has built its reputation by continually placing the needs of the client at the forefront. Since 1983, we have specialized in the design of facilities that efficiently serve the needs of its users.


We excel at solving problems in existing buildings.

We feel that the purpose of the architect is to design solutions to the building and space needs of the client. Please know that no problem with your facility is too minor to concern us. If you have a small problem that currently exists in your structure, such as a lack of work space, or a nagging roof leak, we encourage you to call, and consult with us regarding the situation. Millard, Inc. would be happy to investigate your problem and see what we can do for you. Many times there exists a very simple, cost effective solution to what appears to be a major problem.

Many times, design professional are not interested in smaller projects, because they may not pay as well as larger jobs. We at Millard, Inc. feel that attitude says a lot about a company, and in the long run, not being willing to help out with smaller projects costs those firms very good clients. We truly have the desire and ability to improve the functionality and feel of your existing facilities. We see those smaller jobs as vitally important opportunities to earn a client’s business.

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