Master Planning

Providing contextual, integrated design solutions for over 30 years.

We feel that the purpose of the design professional is to not only design building solutions and tend to immediate space needs of the client, but to also help guide their current and future growth. Since our incorporation in 1983, we have created well over one hundred Master Plans for Consumer Utility Corporations (EMCs), Churches, Private School Campuses, and multiple other project types.

We take a comprehensive look at your site, any existing structures or features on it, and meet with the client’s stakeholders to determine the scope of the project. Obviously, space requirements have a huge impact on the ultimate construction budget for any project. When dealing with multi-use facilities, often a second question arises, and that is which users are the ones in need of the most space, and along with that, how much growth does the client expect in the near future.

Our staff can ask the right questions to get those answers, and then report those findings in a clear and concise manner. This allows our clients to have a reasonable idea of what their current needs are, how to prioritize those needs, and what they will have to budget to reach a certain level of growth. This information allows our clients to select their most feasible option for a successful project and can give them a blueprint for the future.

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